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MITOMAP - A human mitochondrial genome database

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MITOMAP: A Human Mitochondrial Genome Database., 2017.


Lott, M.T., Leipzig, J.N., Derbeneva, O., Xie, H.M., Chalkia, D., Sarmady, M., Procaccio, V., and Wallace, D.C. 2013. mtDNA variation and analysis using MITOMAP and MITOMASTER. Current Protocols in Bioinformatics 1(123):1.23.1-26. PMID: 25489354 URL:


Curator: M.T. Lott

Programmers: S. Zhang & the Center for Biomedical Informatics at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Principal Investigator: D.C. Wallace

Senior Advisers: V. Procaccio, D. Murdock, L. Singh, D. Chalkia

Genetic Counselor: K. Keller

Past Contributors: J. Leipzig, M. Lvova, O. Derbeneva, M. Xie, M. Sarmady, J.C. Perin, P.F. Baldi, M. Brandon, J. Poole, J. Kreuziger, E. Ruiz-Pesini, M.D. Brown, A.M. Kogelnik, K. Kladitis, G.C. Katdare, S.B. Navathe, S. Spolim, A. Torroni, K. Huoponen

MITOMAP and MITOMASTER have been most recently supported by NIH Grants NS21325, NS070298, AG24373, and DK73691 plus Simons Foundation Grant 205844 awarded to DCW. Previous support of MITOMAP has included NIH grants HL45572, GM46915, NS21328 and AG10130 and a Muscular Dystrophy Foundation Clinical Grant awarded to DCW, an NIH Biomedical Informatics Training grant (LM-07443-01) to PFB and by the Institute for Genomics and Bioinformatics at UCI. Support prior to 1999 included assistance from the Emory-Georgia Tech Center for Biotechnology (SBN, MDB, and DCW) and a fellowship from the National Library of Medicine (AMK).
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