internal package Foswiki::Contrib::MailerContrib

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internal package Foswiki::Contrib::MailerContrib

Package of support for extended WebNotify notification, supporting per-topic notification and notification of changes to children.

Also supported is a simple API that can be used to change the WebNotify topic from other code.

StaticMethod mailNotify($webs, $exwebs)

  • $webs - filter list of names webs to process. Wildcards (*) may be used.
  • $exwebs - filter list of webs to exclude.
  • =%options%
    • verbose - true to get verbose (debug) output.
    • news - true to process news
    • changes - true to process changes
    • reset - true to reset the clock after processing
    • mail - true to send emails from this run
Main entry point.

Process the WebNotify topics in each web and generate and issue notification mails. Designed to be invoked from the command line; should only be called by mailnotify scripts.

StaticMethod changeSubscription($web, $who, $topicList, $unsubscribe)

Modify a user's subscription in WebNotify for a web.
  • $web - web to edit the WebNotify for
  • $who - the user's wikiname
  • $topicList - list of topics to (un)subscribe to(from)
  • $unsubscribe - false to subscribe, true to unsubscribe

The current user must be able to modify WebNotify, or an access control violation will be thrown.

isSubscribedTo ($web, $who, $topicList) -> boolean

Returns true if all topics mentioned in the $topicList are subscribed to by $who.

Can ignore all valid special characters that can be used on the WebNotify topic such as NewsTopic! , TopicAndChildren (2)

parsePageList ( $object, $who, $spec, $unsubscribe ) -> unprocessable remainder of $spec line

Calls $object->{topicSub} once per identified topic entry.
  • $object (a hashref) may be a hashref that has the field topicSub, which may be a sub ref as follows: &topicSub($object, $who, $unsubscribe, $webTopic, $options, $childDepth)
  • $unsubscribe can be set to '-' to force an unsubscription (used by SubscribePlugin)

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