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Remote Procedure Call (RPC) interface

RPC calls are handled via the JsonRpcContrib. Callers must authenticate as admins, or the request will be rejected with a 403 status.

Note: If Foswiki is running in 'bootstrap' mode (without a LocalSite.cfg) then all calls are automatically assumed to be from an admin. As soon as a LocalSite.cfg is put in place, then the authentication set up therein will apply, and users are required to logged in as admins.

Entry points for each of the static methods published by the Foswiki::Configure::Query class are supported. See that class for descriptions.

Invocation examples

Call using a URL of the format:

while POSTing a request encoded according to the JSON-RPC 2.0 specification:

  jsonrpc: "2.0", 
  method: "getspec", 
  params: {
     get : { keys: "{DataDir}" },
     depth : 0
  id: "caller's id"

.spec format

The format of .spec files is documented in detail in There are two node types in the .spec tree:

SECTIONs have:
  • headline (default UNKNOWN, the root is usually '')
  • typename (always SECTION)
  • children - array of child nodes (sections and keys)

Key entries (such as {DataDir}) have:
  • keys e.g. {Store}{Cupboard}
  • typename (from the .spec)
  • Other keys from the .spec e.g. SIZE, FEEDBACK, CHECK

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