internal package Foswiki::Plugins::JQueryPlugin

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internal package Foswiki::Plugins::JQueryPlugin

Container for jQuery and plugins

initPlugin($topic, $web, $user) -> $boolean

finish up the plugins container

createPlugin($pluginName, ...) -> $plugin

API to create a jQuery plugin. Instantiating it adds all required javascript and css files to the html page header.

createTheme($themeName) -> $boolean

API to load a jQuery UI theme. Returns true if the theme has been loaded successfully.

registerPlugin($pluginName, $class) -> $plugin

API to register a jQuery plugin. This is of use for other Foswiki plugins to register their javascript modules as a jQuery plugin. Registering a plugin 'foobar' will make it available via %JQREQUIRE{"foobar"}%.

Class will default to 'Foswiki::Plugins::JQueryPlugin::FOOBAR,

The stub must be derived from Foswiki::Plugins::JQueryPlugin::Plugin class.

registerTheme($themeName, $url)

API to register a jQuery theme. this is of use for other Foswiki plugins to register their theme. Registering a theme 'foobar' will make it available via %JQTHEME{"foobar"}%.

The $url parameter will default to '/foswiki/bin/../pub/System/JQueryPlugin/ui/$themeName/jquery-ui.css'.

handleButton($session, $params, $topic, $web) -> $result

Handles the =%BUTTON% tag.

handleRestTmpl($session, $params, $topic, $web) -> $result

Handles the tmpl rest handler

handlePopUpWindow($session, $params, $topic, $web) -> $result

Handles the =%POPUPWINDOW% tag.

handleToggle($session, $params, $topic, $web) -> $result

Handles the =%TOGGLE% tag.

handleTabPane($session, $params, $topic, $web) -> $result

Handles the =%TABPANE% tag.

handleTab($session, $params, $topic, $web) -> $result

Handles the =%TAB% tag.

handleEndTab($session, $params, $topic, $web) -> $result

Handles the =%ENDTAB% tag.

handleEndTabPane($session, $params, $topic, $web) -> $result

Handles the =%ENDTABPANE% tag.

handleJQueryRequire($session, $params, $topic, $web) -> $result

Handles the =%JQREQUIRE% tag.

handleJQueryTheme($session, $params, $topic, $web) -> $result

Handles the =%JQTHEME% tag.

handleJQueryIconPath($session, $params, $topic, $web) -> $result

Handles the =%JQICONPATH% tag.

handleJQueryIcon($session, $params, $topic, $web) -> $result

Handles the =%JQICON% tag.

handleJQueryPlugins($session, $params, $topic, $web) -> $result

Handles the =%JQPLUGINS% tag.

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