internal package Foswiki::Serialise

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internal package Foswiki::Serialise

API to allow structures to be serialised and de-serialized. This API will only return basic types like hashes and arrarys

StaticMethod serialise( $value, $style ) → $cereal

  • $value the perl object we're serializing (typically a ref/obj)
  • $style serialization format

#TODO: do we need to use Foswiki, or can we throw a Simple exception instead? #I think to be reusable we catually have to throw..

StaticMethod deserialise( $text, $style, $into ) → $data

  • $text the data we are deserialising
  • $style serialization format TODO: please work out how to add some autodetection of format
  • $into the perl object we're deserializing into. The serialiser is matched to this object type.

StaticMethod finish

Finishes all instantiated serialisers. There should only be at most one of each serialiser instantiated at any given time, so you normally wouldn't want to call this, except perhaps from the unit test framework; see Item11349.

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