internal package Foswiki::Util::MuteOut

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Package Foswiki::Util::MuteOut

Very simplistic redirection of STDERR/STDOUT.


Simply avoid any output:

use Foswiki::Util::MuteOut;

sub proc {
    my ($dir) = @_;

    my $rc = system "ls -la $dir";
    print STDERR "RC=", $rc;

my $mute = Foswiki::Util::MuteOut->new;

# Nothing will be displayed by proc()
$mute->exec(\&proc, "/etc");

Capture output into files:

my $capture = Foswiki::Util::MuteOut->new(
    outFile => 'stdout.txt',
    errFile => 'stderr.txt',

# The output will end up in corresponding files.
$capture->exec(\&proc, "/etc");


Redirections are restored when the object destroyed.

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