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Step 1

Select conservation species of interest

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Step 2
 Option 1


The variant list can follow either of these formats:

  • Tabular (load example) <-- example data specified in mitomap.js -->
    • With or without the following header:
      sample pos ref var
    • Four tab-delimited columns:
      • sample_name (with no spaces)
      • mitochondrial position
      • reference base
      • variant base
    • Insertions are best designated using the preceding nucleotide and its position
    • Deletions are designated using a ':' or empty cell for the variant
    • Lines beginning in # are ignored for user comments
  • Compact (load example)
    • One variant per line, may be tab-prefaced with a sample column
    • Substitutions: 9028T or C9028T
    • Insertions: C573CC or 573.1C
    • Deletions: 291d or A291d or A291del or A291- or A291:
    • Wildcard: 8993*

 Option 2

Select a variant file in one of the above formats

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